Tutoring and Learning Skills by Sara SK

I can help your student with my more than 25 years of experience as a tutor and learning coach. My goal is to help students learn and succeed. Some students just need someone to do their homework with them. I am here for the students who want more in-depth student support, from middle school age through adult.

In my personalized sessions, students learn how to learn,  control their schedules and time, and enjoy academic subjects even when they are not the favorites. Talk to me about how I can assist with your student’s needs!

Brainwork Tutoring includes:

  • Individualized preparation for each student, for every session
  • Follow-up notes to parents / guardians, and to students when appropriate
  • Several meeting location options, including my tutoring office in Coloma

Tutoring Subjects –  Writing and reading, math and algebra, social studies and history, environmental science, research and presentation skills, test-taking, and more.

  • Individualized preparation and delivery based on each student’s learning style
  • Creative study with an element of fun, for better learning and retention
  • Whole-student teaching, considering each student’s interests, strengths, and needs

Learning Coaching – Essential student and life skills including:

  • Time management and stress management
  • Test-taking strategies and reducing test-taking anxiety
  • Organization skills, strategies and action plans

I tutor and train individuals, pairs, and small groups. I also design and teach custom classes and workshops – let me know what you want to learn!